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? It is suitable for fresh seafood restaurant, supermarkets, farmers markets and other places of seafood,meat preservation and display.?D ue to the dry surface and sliding of flake ice, there has no s...
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    說明: ICEUPS, based in Kowloon, Hong Kong, is a professional manufacturer of refrigeration equipment dedicated to serving the global market. Shenzhen ICEUPS Refrigeration Equipment Co., LTD Owns several brands and branches. ICEUPS is the collection of research and development, production, sales and after-sales service refrigeration equipment supplier, ICEUPS has own independent research and development institutions, advanced production equipment, perfect testing model, the remarkable innovation, high-quality production staff, efficient management team, humanized service system. Company plant covers an area of nearly 20000 square meters, six advanced machining, assembly production lines, all kinds of milling machine, CNC lathe, vertical lathe, drilling machine, grinding machine, cutting machine, ...
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    說明: Business TheoryNow, we are focusing on building a harmony environment which is healthier, more comfortable, more efficient, more innovative and more productive. During our daily work, we persist in man-oriented, create a mutual understanding and mutual aid relationship between people, with maximum output value and optimal environment. Here each staff strives for providing best quality, accurate delivery, high value and innovative technology for our customers Product Concept Our efficient management team and forceful execution make us focus on providing high valuable products and innovative technology for our customers, which greatly increases the competitiveness of the customers. The working principle “ Quality first” ensures our close cooperation with customers, and also it bring a good ...
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    說明: HumanHuman is the united and the power of team. Each of us is the important part of the strength of team. RespectWe respect the differences and make up for the short, keep making progress from the practice and make best of the advantage, whichever enjoy blooming talent. Developmentyou will find a suitable space for development if you become a member of our team. Sincerely, dedication, mutual aid, enterprising, innovative and happy is the source of sustainable development of ICEUPS enterprise. MissionRapidly development of china economy did us clearly realized that history mission entrusted to us. We revitalize national industry to create the world brand on the filed of ice machine. It will make contribution to the human environment by green clean refrigeration technology.
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    Ahead office address:Jiang Building,Xintian Road,Fuyong Town,Baoan District,Shenzhen,China
    Head office Tel:0086-755-29077 666
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